When a couple’s marriage is in difficulty, the preferred outcome is that the couple would be able to resolve their differences. However, if the marriage breaks down and one of the parties believes that the marriage may be invalid, they may refer the matter to one of the Interdiocesan Marriage Tribunals established by the Catholic Church.

Each Marriage Tribunal is comprised of people who are expert in the laws of the Church that deal with marriage. The Tribunals also have the assistance of professionals in the humanities and medical fields. Usually, a Tribunal has both ordained and lay people working for it. In Ireland, there are five such Tribunals - four Interdiocesan Tribunals and one National Appeal Tribunal based in Maynooth.

The Cork Interdiocesan Marriage Tribunal serves the six dioceses of:

  • Cashel & Emly
  • Cork & Ross
  • Cloyne
  • Limerick
  • Kerry
  • Waterford & Lismore
What is a Marriage Tribunal?